At what level would you best describe your current position within the South Florida independent film industry?
Filmmaker (Having created 1 or more feature film projects* that have gained distribution.) *Over 60
23 (27%)
Beginning Filmmaker (Have created 1 or more short films and looking to develop feature film projects
18 (21%)
Student (Enrolled in or has recently graduated in film studies.)
3 (4%)
Maverick (Never studied film but have created projects of their own with friends and looking for fur
7 (8%)
Below the Line Professional (Industry crew member in film, television, commercials and/or music vide
15 (18%)
Actor (Make a living from acting and/or performance arts.)
4 (5%)
Aspiring Actor (Have a steady job while pursuing an acting career.)
4 (5%)
Curious (Not in the industry but curious about it.)
10 (12%)